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Madhyamgram B.Ed. College



Instructional Facilities

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             The training college is accommodated in building provide by SATYAM EDUCATIONAL AND SOCIAL WELFARE TRUST at Madhyamgram, Kolkata-128, Dristrict-24pgs(N), on a good site very near to DumDum International Airport. Adequate provision has been made for sports in the ground very closed to the main building. The B.Ed. Course started in the session 2009-2010.
            The college has a well-equipped Library with adequate number of Books of Dramas, Novels, Biographical Books, Dictionaries, Juvenile Literature, and Astronomical-Physical-Educational-Psychological Books and Enclopedias. Trainees will be benefited from the college library with different kinds of Magazines, Journals and Daily News Papers. The library has photocopying facilities and a computer with Internet facilities. Each trainee will get the books against his/her library card. The books can be kept for 10 days and books must be returned within scheduled time.
            There are some books in the library which are mainly meant for reference. The trainees will get the privilege to use these books within the library during library hours.

Psychology Laboratory....
            1. (a)Intelligence Group Test (Performance)
                 (b)Intelligence Culture Fare Group Test.
            2. Personality K.N.P.I.(Group,Verbal)
            3. Int. Stan. Prog. Matx. (Group Performance)
            4.Reading Motivation
            5. Attitude and Interest (Group, Verbal)
            6. Value Scale (Personality Test)
            7. RCEB, Mental Health Scale
            8.RCEB, Scale of Motivation for Studies
            9. RCEB, students Attitude towards Studies
            10.RCEB, Personality Development Inventory
            11.Value Test
            12.Teaching Attitude Scale for Secondary teachers
            13.Job Satisfaction Scale for Secondary teachers
            14.Learning Stress Scale for Secondary teachers
            15. Group Intelligence Test(Bengali Version)
            16. Extraversion-Introversion (Personality Test)
            17. Emotional Instability-Adjustment
            18. The bell Adjustment Inventory
            19. The motivation in science Questionnaire
            20. Achievement cum Diagnostic Test in Mathematics by C.P.S.M.
            21. Manual for Kundu Introversion-Extraversion Inventory
            22. Science Talent Search Test for Students of VI-IX conducted by
            23. All India Science Teachers Association

Educational Technology Laboratory....
            It has Hardware and Software Facilities for Language learning and Geographical Knowledge with Computers, TV, Camera, Globe, Various Maps (Political and Physical), Weather Clock, Hygrometer, Barometer, Models, etc.
  Science Laboratory....

1. Science Laboratory
2. Projector Screen
3. Stop Clock
4. Analytical weight Box
5. Daniel drawing Board
6. Davys Safety Lamp
7. Potentiometer
8. Room Thermometer
9. Dynamo
10. Spring Balance
11. Stop Watch
12. Storage Cell
13. Telescope
14. Tuning Fork
15. Hydrostatic Balance
16. Hydrometer
17. Hygrometer
18. Lec Lance cell
19. Optical Bench
20. Newton Color Disc
21. Magnetic Compus
22. Magnetic Needle
23. Magnifying Glass
24. Pendulum Bob
25. Pendulum bob with stand
26. Periscope
27. Physical weight box
28. Pinhole camera

29. Post office Box
30. Rio-stat
31. Volt Meter
32. Galvano Meter
33. Meter Bridge
34. Ammeter
35. Electric Bell
36. D.C. Motor
37. Son meter
38. Prism
39. Slide Projection Film
40. Overhead Projection Film
41. Compound Microscope
42. Biological Box
43. Concave Lence
44. Convex Lence
45. Ohms Law Apparatus
46. Reflection and Refraction
47. Measuring Equipments
48. Specific Gravity Equipment
49. Column measuring instrument
50. Different Models of Minerals
51. Barometer
52. Chemical Balance
53. Jar Specimens (Sponge, Tape Warm, Moss, Tinia Solium, Star Fish, Hydra, Mucor, Octopus etc.)

54. Human Nervous system
55. Human Respiratory System
56. Human Digestive System
57. Human Reproductive System
(Male / Female)
58. Maximum/Minimum Thermometer
Mirror (Plane, Mirror with Stand)
59. Human Kidney Model
60. Human Eye Model
61. Human Brain Model
62. Kips Apparatus Spectrometer
63. Human Skeleton
64. 3 Dimensional Maps of India
65. 3 Dimensional Maps of World
66. Tracing Table
67. Geographical 3D sets
68. Boyles Law Apparatus
69. Burrette
70. Pippette
71. Clonical flask
72. Reagents Bottles
73. Platinum Ware

And others required items for science Laboratory.

            1.Computer Aided Aptitude Test Battery
            2. Reading and Writing Motivation
List of Computer Equipments....
           Compurter-1, 28 : Pentium IV, C.P.U. 2.66 GHz, RAM 1Gb, HDD 80Gb SATA, CD RW, FDD 1.44 Mb, CRT Monitor , Optical Mouse, Compaq Keyboard, Sound JBL
           Compurter-2, 4 : I3, Gigabyte G61, RAM 2Gb, HDD 500Gb, DVD RW, LED 15.6 Monitor, Optical Mouse, Microsoft Keyboard, Sound JBL
           Compurter-3, 1 : I5l,Gigabyte D3H B85, RAM 4Gb, HDD 1 Tb, DVD RW, LED 27 Monitor, Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard, Sound Creative
           Compurter-4, 1 : HP Proliant G5
Hand –Work and Co-curricular Activities....
            All courses outlined above include hand – work, art , craft or preparation of teaching apparatus and appliance etc. , drawing and other performing arts will be required for soliciting the teaching programmer .
            Teachers training Course of this college in clouds with evaluation of all trainees from time to time. The system of cumulative assessment of each trainee during the training period helps him / her progress of studies. Examinations are regularly held to evaluate the student the students knowledge in different subjects. Psychological test and appliance are available in Psychology.